Facts don’t lie

Facts don’t lie 2021. The year of AI. Conversational Bots. Smart targeted ads. Real-time employee satisfaction monitoring. In 2021, how do you make business decisions ? How do you steer your company, your business line ? Do you “feel” and “somehow know” ? Or do you measure and use facts to drive and transform your company, as only 31% of European companies do (Gartner) ? Join us to see how to define your path for success. How to measure your progress, your fitness.  How to ensure your growth. Excerpts available > here < Les faits ne mentent pas. 2021. Année […]

Banking Project Management

This was quite a large one.  We were in charge of 7+ Mio CHF over 2.5 years.  This means 3 releases of a critical Bank application. Up to 13 persons under our direct responsibility.  Accountable for scope, budget, relation with stakeholders and suppliers. To be honest, we were quite happy to take a break at the end of the project.  Oh, did I mention we finished on time, within budget, all three releases ?

Project Management under pressure

When we were asked to turn around a failing SAP BW project, delivering the remaining 60% of the original scope with only 40% of the original budget, we knew we were in for quite a challenge. But that only made us more interested in raising up to the challenge. Thanks to tight but collaborative project management and minor changes in the team,  we managed to stay in time, in budget.  Much to our customer’s delight, obviously.