PowerBI, Fabric & AI : Analytics to Grow, Convince & Inspire

How can you create the most value with Microsoft’s new AI Copilot, Fabric & PowerBI SaaS? Add ChatGPT for relevant content and DALL-E for engaging images and you have the perfect mix to: Join us for a live demo with Michel Aebischer, an analytics enthusiast for over 15 years. Michel has worked with global consulting firms initially before creating his own startup in the field. Excerpts available >here<

Financial Forecasting with PowerBI

PowerBI is great for visualizing complex data and how they interact as an ecosystem. Did you know you can also enter your own data, add #AI forecasts, play with different scenarios, and see live the impact on your business ? Join us at the next #PowerBI User Group to make the best forecasts with the magic of PowerBI. [Click for the video]

CRM Dashboard serves Luxury

A customer in Luxury Consumer Goods approached us to automate and simplify their CRM reporting processes. After a short audit, we realized their current ways of working involve far too many manual processes and heavily relies on excel with macros, which were not a match for the large amount of data they were processing daily. After a strategic brainstorming we defined a new process for data acquisition, storage, and processing leveraging PowerBI. Total cost : 5 days of consulting. Total time saved : more than 25 days of data crunching per years.

The Art of Application Management.

When you invest a significant amount of money in an application to steer your business, you expect it to do just that.  But when your users tell you that it is mostly unusable because the data is not ready, well…  you are not pleased to say the least. After two persons tried to fix things without much success, they finally turned to us.  We stepped in for a review.  And there were quite some things to review.  Processes were not sufficiently documented, those who were were not followed, accountability was pushed back by all parties . . . They asked […]